Course Length: One Semester
Course Format/Location Offerings: Dual - Online OR On-Site
Course Prerequisites: None
General Prerequisites:
  • Laptop Computer with current browser (Firefox or Chrome) [Can be iOS. Linux or Windows; however, we primarily focus on Windows/LInux] (Laptop OS can NOT be ChromeOS)
Homework Expectations: 1-3 hours / wk
Equipment supplies required:

Laptop (Windows, Mac, Linux) for use during all classes

Course Fee per Semester: 240
On-Site Course Option: Mid-Metro Academy
On-Site Course Link:
Instructor: Chris Paschen

Everyone who walks into a college classroom or business office is expected to know how to use the main Microsoft Office suite of products, especially Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In this course students learn to use each of these programs so that later—in college or at work—they can focus on creating content without getting lost in the “how to's.” The course covers when to use which tool, creating files, and transferring files in different situations. In addition to Microsoft, the class will introduce students to other free, online / open-source MS Office alternatives (Google apps, Libre Office, Open Office, etc.)

This course is geared mainly to younger students (grades 7-9) who have not had formal training or experience in the 'office' applications; however, is open to any student who need to learn proper, effective use of these programs.

NOTE: Students will also be learning to use 2 major open-source Office alternatives and noting differences.