Linux is a free operating system that comes in many different 'varieties'. Using Linux you can take an old laptop (or desktop) computer and bring it back to life and use it for every-day work tasks.

Linux can be configured to look like Windows or Mac desktops and has the added advantage (besides being free) of being generally more secure that either of the other operating systems.

Although Linux used to require the ability to use cryptic command line functions to get things done, those days are gone. You can install Linux on a computer and have it completely running without ever touching the command line.

Linux continues to grow in market share every year - esp. as the other operating system vendors continue to increase rates or are using your operating system use to help them make money on ads and by selling or otherwise monetizing your personal data.

This summer session will help you take an old laptop and turn it back into a useful computing device for general purpose functionality.


Schedule / Location

  • This summer session will be held over 2  half-day sessions
  • The specific days/times have not yet been set
  • The location for this session has not yet been set; however, it will be in the north-east metro area


  • The cost for this session has not yet been set (likely $50 or under)


  • Each person participating in this session MUST have an old laptop computer that is physically still functional
    • The computer must have a wired Internet (Ethernet) connection as well as wifi
      • If you don't have the wired connection you can purchase one, but it must be Linux compatible (a list of potential devices will be provided if requested)
    • You can use an old desktop computer if desired; however you will have to transport the computer case, keyboard, mouse, and monitor to each session
    • You should submitt the make and model of your laptop to the instructor prior to signing up to ensure that your device is supported by Linux (most are, but best to be sure)
    • If you don't have a laptop or desktop to use, contact us to help you find one for very little $ at one of the local refurbishing shops
  • Each person must have 3 (three) new USB drives that are at least 32 gb (and recommended to be type USB3 IF your laptop has USB3 connectors)


To get more information and/or get on the list of partants, use the Contact Us link above and mention Linux Laptop in the message and we'll get you the info.