If your student has any sort of special needs that may effect his or her learning or cause an issue with behavior during the class, you are expected to contact us BEFORE you register for the class. We will work with you to determine if the course would be a good fit, if there are accomodations that can be made, or if there are alternative formats for the course.

We want every student in our courses to success; however, sometimes that will require us to work together to ensure that happens.

Please note we do not specifically provide special education courses or are able to make every class fit with different students with varying learning and/or emotional accomodations; however, we will work with you openly to determine what may or may not work before you sign-up.

Current Courses

We are presently mid-semester and none of our current courses are available for registration.

We will be opening up registration for our next semester within the next few weeks.

To get updates as soon as courses are available please use the Contact Us menu to sign up for news and updates.

Courses that we have offered in the past (or presently) that may be offered in future semesters:

  • Start Your Own Business / Entreprenuership
  • Intro to Computer Technology
  • Bookkeeping
  • Introduction to Programming (Python)
  • Build your own Website
  • Programming for the Internet
  • Microsoft Office & More