Biblical World-View

All our instructors teach from a clear, historically traditional Biblical world-view. All instructors are in agreement with our statement of faith and teach their courses according to it. In some subjects that might have specific effect on the content of the course; however, in all subjects it will directly impact the manner of the instruction and classroom atmosphere.

Although we suggest that only those families/students who also agree with our statement of faith participate in our courses, others are welcome to participate IF you are willing to act in respect to the statement and all other guidelines and practices.

Skilled Instructors

Having a degree does not mean you are a great teacher - it just means you have proven that you are good student. Our instructors all have yeas of experience actually working in/with the subject areas they teach. They also have real-world experience teaching others - with good results. Additionally, our instructors show a specific interest in making sure that students understand the subjects. They don't just lecture, they teach and coach the students to ensure they have a grasp of the course content. (And they may also hold advanced degrees as well.)

Live Online Classes

Although we do make some of our courses available to complete on your own schedule, the benefit of interacting with other students and the instructor in a live environment is usually the best learning atmosphere for most students. Because of this our primary focus is for students to participate directly in live courses; however, where possible, we will also record the live class sessions and make them available for students - either for review of the session or to allow those who miss the session to make it up at a later time.

Advanced Technology

We use learning management systems and technologies which are used by colleges and universities around the world to allow us to deliver state-of-the-art educational experiences. This is not just some person with a web cam. Students will experience great teaching along with great technology.

Learning topics for Parents

Not all of our teaching is for students (children/youth). The process of home schooling requires parents to not only be knowledgeable in the topic areas in which their students are enrolled, but also to have experience in the entire process of education - from teaching (subjects that you decide to teach directly at home) to education administration (transcripts, record-keeping, scheduling, etc.). Throughout the year we will provide additional special classes or full courses for parents, some at no cost, to help you keep ahead of the curve with things you need to know.