This is the final piece in the program where you launch your own business, along side other students, and begin on the great adventure of Entrepreneurship

Once you have completed all the other courses in the Entreprenuership program it is time to actually launch your business.

This 8-10 session course will work with you, together with other high school students who will launch their businesses at the same time, to make all that learning and planning result in a successful new business. During the sessions we will review your paperwork needed to start your business, go over the launch process, and walk you through your 'opening day'.

During this process you will also join our Entreprenuership Group where you can connect with other students who are launching your businesses at the same time as well as students who have launched their business before. You will be able to learn from each other and encourage each other on to establish and grow your business into the future.

Once you have completed all the other courses in the program you will be contacted to begin this course and get your business launched.

If you haven't done so already, you can get started on the path to create your own business by clicking here.