Christian Home School Online (CHSO, a service of Paschen Communications, LLC) collects and uses various pieces of information related to you based on your level of involvement with CHSO.


Prior to enrollement in any course, we may collect contact information about you (email address, physical address, phone numbers, interests, etc.) to allow us to provide you with information about the services offered by CHSO. You have the right to see a listing of all the information we collect and to request for us to remove that information from our records.

Enrollment and post-enrollment

Once you enroll in any course we may collect additional information (birth date, age, course participation history, course work, communications - in forums and chat areas, etc.). This information is accessible to you via your personal profile or via access in the course of which you have registered. Some of this information (esp. submitted course work) will remain as a permanent record of the course and will be archived for future reference. Paschen Communications maintains permanent copyright permission to the contents entered within any area by any course members for the sake of archival/historical purposes. Students have full permission to use their own original submitted course content without restriction.

Paschen Communications, and any instructor, retains the right to remove any posted/shared content which might violate the Statement of Faith, Terms of Service, or any other policy of listed on this site, at the sole discretion of CHSO/Paschen Communications administrators or instructors.