Regular (Fall/Spring) Programs

If you register for any of our courses and determine that you must withdraw from the course we will give refunds based on the following schedule.

If you withdraw ...

  • 30 days before the course start date - 100% of your registration fee*
  • 15-29 days before the course start date - 75%*
  • 14-days before the first class session, or prior to the 2nd class session - 50%*
  • After the 2nd class session but before the 4th class session - 25%*
  • After the 4th class session - no refund*

If you are having concerns about a course after it has started, please contact the instructor directly with your questions. It is possible that what you are seeing the first weeks of the course might change throughout the course. Additionally, our instructors might be willing to make modifications to the course to make it better suited to your students needs or learning styles.

Summer Programs

Due to the short nature of our summer programs and the usually short lead time between registration open and when the program starts, along with special costs associated with our summer programs, we have a different withdrawal and refund policy.

If you withdraw ...

  • 30 days before the program start date - 100% of your registration fee*
  • 15-29 days before the program start date - 50%*
  • 1-14 days before the program start date - 25%*
  • The first day of the program or after - no refund*

Cancelled Courses and Programs

If we have to cancel one of our programs prior to the course start date for any reason we will provide either a 100% credit of the total amount toward one of our future classes/programs OR a 100% refund of the amount paid (your option).

If we are unable to complete the full class or program, we will either try to provide an alternative class option (i.e. re-schedule, un-timed do-at-your-own pace option, etc.) or will provide you with a credit toward another session of the class (options will vary from class to class).

Any individual sessions that must be cancelled will be scheduled with a 'make-up' date. If the class is an in-person class, the make-up date might be available online only. Any make up sessions will be recorded to allow viewing at your schedule (in case the make-up date/time conflicts with your other activities).

Special Notes

The date of withdrawal is determined based upon the date when you contact us via the withdrawal system on our web site (accessible once you have registered for a course/program).

*Processing Fees: All refund rates are exclusive of any financial processing fee. Example: If you pay by paypal or credit card, there will be a small fee (usually about 3%) that the processor charges. Any refunds are the percentage indicated above LESS this financial fee. So a $100 payment that had a 3% fee that is a withdrawal more than 30 days before the course start date would be $97 ($300 less the 3% processing fee). Processing fees vary by the processor and the payment method.

If we determine that a student must be removed from the course/program due to violation of behavior or other expectations outlined here or in class descriptions, there will be no refund given. Generally we will provide an alert to the student and the parent before taking the step to remove a student; however, the instructor and the program leaders retain the right to remove a student who significantly violates the expectations or puts themself or others in physical danger may be removed without advance notice.