If you register for any of our courses directly and determine that you must withdraw prior 15 days before the start of the course, 100% of your registration fee will be refunded (minus any transaction fee charged by the payment processor that you used - i.e. paypal, etc.).

If you withdraw after 15 days before the first session but before the 2nd session there will be a 75% refund (minus processing fees). If you withdraw after the 2nd session but before the 4th session there will be a 50% refund (minus processing fees). After the 4th session there are no refunds offered.

If you are having concerns about a course after it has started, please contact the instructor directly with your questions. It is possible that what you are seeing the first weeks of the course might change throughout the course. Additionally, our instructors might be willing to make modifications to the course to make it better suited to your students needs or learning styles.

Current Courses

We are presently mid-semester and none of our current courses are available for registration.

We will be opening up registration for our next semester within the next few weeks.

To get updates as soon as courses are available please use the Contact Us menu to sign up for news and updates.

Courses that we have offered in the past (or presently) that may be offered in future semesters:

  • Start Your Own Business / Entreprenuership
  • Intro to Computer Technology
  • Bookkeeping
  • Introduction to Programming (Python)
  • Build your own Website
  • Programming for the Internet
  • Microsoft Office & More