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Why Christian Home School Online

Biblical World-View

What your instructors believe effects how and what they teach. Our instructors all teach from a traditional, Christian, Biblical world view.

Live Online Classes

We focus on providing live, interactive courses for all students. You can find canned programs anywhere on the Interenet, but students learn better when they have a live instructor.

Skilled Instructors

Our instructors have experience in the field AND have a track record of being able to effectively teach the subjects.


Christian Home School Online was created to provide excellent instruction for home school students from a traditional Biblical worldview. We provide instruction in various topics, from core subjects to specific career paths.

Each student participates in live teaching from skilled instructors who know their field and know how to teach - and have a proven track record.

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We believe that teaching engaging course from a traditional Biblical world view will provide a strong basis for future academic and career endeavors.

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Our aim is to provide instruction that is acaemically rigorous, engaging and participatory, and challenging to every student.

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Our goal is to prepare students for success. This means understanding the content well but also to be able to function in the subject area, not just recite facts and figures.

News & Updates

Thursday, 04 January 2024 12:10

Our bookkeeping course for home school students is now availble both in-person (in St. Paul, MN) as well as online-only. The in-person class is starting the 2nd semester on January 15. We are...