Here is a list of the courses we presently have secured for the coming season/year.

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This class will teach students basic skills in computers, including things like: Keyboard Shortcuts (Ctrl/Cmd-C / Cntrl/Cmd-V for copy/paste, etc.), how to set up file structures on your computer so...

Everyone who walks into a college classroom or business office is expected to know how to use the main Microsoft Office suite of products, especially Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In this course...

In this course, we will begin with proper basic programming skills and habits and work toward more advanced skills. We will also learn how to use standard programming tools. Many online and...

Help your church, sports team, or club set up and manage their website. Walk into an entry-level web development job ready to hit the ground running. Or start your own web development company even...


Current Courses

We are presently mid-semester and none of our current courses are available for registration.

We will be opening up registration for our next semester within the next few weeks.

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Courses that we have offered in the past (or presently) that may be offered in future semesters:

  • Start Your Own Business / Entreprenuership
  • Intro to Computer Technology
  • Bookkeeping
  • Introduction to Programming (Python)
  • Build your own Website
  • Programming for the Internet
  • Microsoft Office & More