Course Length: One Semester
Course Format/Location Offerings: Dual - Online OR On-Site
Course Prerequisites: Algebra I, Basic Computer Usage
General Prerequisites: None
Equipment supplies required:

Laptop for use during all classes.

Course Fee per Semester: 240
Other Fees Charged:
  • Technology Fee $20
On-Site Course Option: Mid-Metro Academy

In this course, we will begin with proper basic programming skills and habits and work toward more advanced skills. We will also learn how to use standard programming tools.

Many online and homeschool programming courses teach students to learn via programming games. Although this can seemingly make it 'fun' for the student, it doesn't prepare students for the 'real world' and takes them down a path that can set them up for disappointment later.

There are generally 10x more non-game programming jobs than there are game-programming jobs. And there are many benefits to focusing on non-game programming (including a much quicker job-entry path). Additionally, programming for online systems (web sites) is a huge market.

In this course we will begin by learning proper basic skills and habits when programming, learn how to properly program.

When done with this course, the student will have a basic understanding and ability to program in the Python programming language.

Homework Expectations - 2-5 hours per week.

THIS COURSE is continued in "Real-World" Programming Applications" in the spring. Be sure to sign-up for that course also to get a complete start in programming.