Course Length: One Semester
Course Format/Location Offerings: On-Site Only
Course Prerequisites: Completion of the Basic Computer Skills class; Strong general aptitude with using the computer (word processing, speadsheets, etc.)
General Prerequisites: None
Equipment supplies required:
  • Laptop Computer (LInux/Windows preferred, Mac acceptable) with current browser (Firefox recommended) [Can be iOS or Windows]
    Chromebook will NOT work for this class; Student must be able to install programs on the laptop


  • Some experience using a graphic editing program (photo editing, illustration, etc.)
  • Involvement with some 'extra-curricular' activity (sports, performing arts, ministry group)
  • High-speed Internet availability (10+mb download; 5+mb upload)
Course Fee per Semester: 285
Other Fees Charged:

Students may incur charges related to the building of the web site. These are not 'required'; however, may be helpful to the development of their web site.

On-Site Course Option: Mid-Metro Academy
On-Site Course Link:


About the Instructor

Mr. Paschen has been developing web sites for clients through his business Paschen Communications for approximately 20 years. He has also served as the Marketing Team Lead for the Joomla Content Management system (the 2nd largest content management system in the world) and is a presenter at national/international Joomla events. Prior to his work developing web sites, he wrote desktop programs for a number of small businesses. He had formal training in several computer languages and has programmed in too many computer languages to remember.