Course Fee per Semester: 240
Course Length: One Semester
Season Offered: 2020-2021, 2022 Spring
On-Site Course Option: Mid-Metro Academy
On-Site Course Link:
On-Site Course Location: MN - St. Paul
Required Textbooks: TBA - to be selected from: • "Career Exploration: for homeschool high school students" by Carol Topp - $12.95 • "Running a Micro Business" by Carol Topp - $9.95 • "Micro Business for Teens Workbook" by Carol Topp - $14.95 DO NOT order these in advance. A special link will be provided for the text books that we will be using
Instructor: Chris Paschen
Day/Time: Wednesday - 2:00p - 3:20p
Grades: Grade 9-12
Ability/Prerequisites: Bookkeeping, Completion of "Career Exploration" prior to clas start
Course Status: Confirmed - but details still being finalized
Course Format/Location Offerings: On-Site Only

Getting a job as a teen can be a great experience to prepare you for your future career; however, starting your own business, while still a teen, can open completely new worlds to you for career and the future (and even open doors to careers as an employee).

In this course we will work through the process of discerning the best job to create for you. Then, once we get there, we will go through all the steps of creating your own business - from getting the business legally registered with the state, creating a logo, creating a web site, and other start-up processes. Once the busines is up-and-running, we'll also go through the on-going tasks of learning proper bookkeeping for a small business, start marketing your business, and filing any necessary taxes or other fees.

By the end of the course each student will have a functional business that they can run throughout their high school years and possibly well into the future.

NOTE: It is STRONGLY encouraged that parents participate (or view later) each of the class sessions. Depending on the age of your student (and the state that you reside), parents may need to be directly involved in the legal (and financial) set-up and operation of the business (plus it's just a great opportunity to work together with your child).