Course Fee per Semester: 240
Course Length: One Semester
Season Offered: 2022 Spring
On-Site Course Option: Mid-Metro Academy
On-Site Course Location: MN - St. Paul
Required Textbooks: tba
Day/Time: Wednesday - 12:30p - 1:50p
Grades: Grade 8, Grade 9-12
Ability/Prerequisites: Basic computer abilities
Other Fees Charged:
  • Technology Fee ($20)
  • Media Hosting Fee ($20/semester)
Equipment supplies required:

Media-capable laptop (at least 8GB RAM, 500MB available (free) disk storage, multiple USB-3 ports available - or audio in/out ports, HDMI output)

*Professional quality micrphone

*Professional quality video camera, DSLR, or high-quality smart phone camera

*Professional quality headphones

Hi-speed Interenet connection (at least 20mbs download, 5mbs upload; ideally 50+mbs download, 10+mbs upload)


*These items will be discussed in class and specific recommendations will be made available prior to class start.

Course Status: Confirmed - but details still being finalized
Course Format/Location Offerings: On-Site Only

Almost any business today is (or is considering) using podcasting, video/youtube, etc. to help promote their company online.

Having skills in basic audio production and video production can help you land a good start-up job or even give you the opoortunity to start your own production company helping those small businesss that want this but don't have anyone to do it for them.

In this course, we will begin by learning how to create good audio for many purposes. We will then use that audio foundation to build skills in video production.
When you are done, you will have the skills to assist small businesses, organizations, or churches in producing quality audio and video resources for their needs OR start your own podcasting or YouTube channel.