Course Fee per Semester: 240
Course Length: One Semester
Season Offered: 2021 Spring, 2021 Fall
On-Site Course Option:
On-Site Course Link:
On-Site Course Location: MN - St. Paul
Required Textbooks: tba
Instructor: Chris Paschen
Day/Time: Wednesday - 2:00p - 3:20p
Grades: Grade 8, Grade 9-12
Other Fees Charged:

Technology Fee $20

Equipment supplies required:

Laptop for use during second section (covering online bookkeeping)

Course Status: Confirmed - but details still being finalized
Course Format/Location Offerings: On-Site Only

Every business, larg and small, must keep records of it's financial transactions. Some smaller businesses do the recordkeeping themselves, but many hire bookkeepers to manage all the transactions of their business.

This course will prepare you to handle the process of managing the bookkeeping of a small- to medium-size organization (including non-profits and ministries). We will start with learning the basic concepts of double-entry bookkeeping and how to properly manually record financial transactions. We will learn some of the differences between bookkeeping and accounting. Later in the semester, once all of the basic concepts of bookkeeping are covered we will transition to learning automated bookkeeping software, specifically QuickBooks which is the most used bookkeeping software in the country. We will also look as several other online bookkeeping services as well. We will also be studying the work necessary to prepare the organizations records for tax preparation; however, we will NOT be learning about tax preparation (that is an entire area of study of its own and required knowledge that is more related to accounting than just bookkeeping).

When you successfully complete this course you should be prepared to get an entry-level position as a bookkeeper in a small business organization or be ready to properly keep the financial records for your own small business.

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