Course Fee per Semester: 240
Course Length: One Semester
Season Offered: 2020 Fall, 2021 Fall
On-Site Course Option: Mid-Metro Academy
On-Site Course Link:
On-Site Course Location: MN - St. Paul
Required Textbooks: NONE
Day/Time: Wednesday - 9:00a - 10:20a
Grades: Grade 6-8, Grade 9-12
Ability/Prerequisites: General Computer Abilities
Other Fees Charged:
  • Technology Fee ($20)
  • Media Hosting Fee ($20/semester)

Students may incur charges related to the building of the web site. These are not 'required'; however, may be integral to their web site.

Equipment supplies required:

Functional laptop for use during classs (Windows preferred, Linux, Mac acceptable)

Course Status: Confirmed - but details still being finalized
Course Format/Location Offerings: Dual - Online OR On-Site

Help your church, sports team, or club set up and manage their website. Walk into an entry-level web development job ready to hit the ground running. Or start your own web development company even before you graduate high school. Those are the things this class will help you work toward. Nowadays, with everything moving online so quickly, even non-web-development jobs require employees to know something about the web. However, setting up a free WordPress website just won't cut it in the real world. You need to know how to create and maintain a secure website AND know what KIND of web site is best for the situation. In this course we'll dig into what makes (and keeps) a website secure, get familiar with the programming languages used with websites, and help you become comfortable building and managing a website with several of the most popular website systems. You'll also learn how to create specifications for a website project and present it to a prospective client or organization. By the end of the course you'll create a live website for your own portfolio—and possibly even one for your church, club, or even a paying client.



  • Laptop Computer with current browser (Firefox or Chrome) [Can be iOS or Windows]
  • Strong general aptitude with using the computer (word processing, spreadsheets, etc.)
  • Strong math skills (completed at least 1 semester of Algebra I)


  • Some experience using a graphic editing program (photo editing, illustration, etc.)
  • Some experience using a video editing program
  • Involvement with some 'extra-curricular' activity (sports, performing arts, ministry group)
  • High-speed Internet availability (10+mb download; 5+mb upload)


Please be aware that most of the work in the class will be able to be done with free software (either completely free or with free trials); HOWEVER, students may need to sign up for a subscription to the Adobe products for approximately 1-3 months (@ approximately $20/mo.) during the course of the class. We will provide specific information (and timing) at the start of the class. This subscription will be paid directly to Adobe. [Do NOT purchase prior to class.] Continued use of the Adobe products, optional if desired, would require additional subscription charges; however, course use of Adobe products will be limited to to no more than 3 months.