Are you a Christian with a traditional biblical worldview who wants to share that worldview with the next generation while instructing them in practical skills and core subjects?

Are you in agreement with and willing to teach from the position outlined within our Statement of Faith?

We are looking for additional instructors who have demonstrated skills in instructing teen (mainly high school, but also middle school) home school students.

If you don't see the subject lised in our course listing and you teach it well, then we want you to join us.

As an instructor with Christian Home School Online you will be able to create and provide your own coure/s. However, you don't have to be a technology guru. We will provide you with industry-standard online learning tools to help you teach and not focus on the technology. You can instruct from wherever you are - home, office, classroom, etc. We can even help you get set-up with the necessary camera, microphone, etc. We want YOU to success and provide great instruction without being distracted with the geeky stuff.

Please be aware that you must have demonstrated success in teaching high school and/or middle school students. Our families are looking for instructors who not only know their subject matter or have degrees, but that have the ability to effectively engage students in learning the content. If you don't have this experience or can't provide some method to confirm that experience we will not be able to include you in our program. Additionally, if you are unable to teach from the Biblical wordlview outlied in our Statement of Faith you will not be a good match for our students and families.

If you meet those expectations and would like to explore opportunities with us more please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Current Courses

We are presently mid-semester and none of our current courses are available for registration.

We will be opening up registration for our next semester within the next few weeks.

To get updates as soon as courses are available please use the Contact Us menu to sign up for news and updates.

Courses that we have offered in the past (or presently) that may be offered in future semesters:

  • Start Your Own Business / Entreprenuership
  • Intro to Computer Technology
  • Bookkeeping
  • Introduction to Programming (Python)
  • Build your own Website
  • Programming for the Internet
  • Microsoft Office & More